Honey Bear Informative Apr 2019

Dear Parents,

you are enjoying the spring after all!    

SUMMER GEAR: Please make sure that you have sent sun screen and a hat with your child as children go outside to play in the playground.  Also send extra summer clothing with your children as they get wet when playing with water.

SUMMER VACATION:  Please inform us about your vacation plans prior to leaving, so we can adjust the ratio of the caregivers accordingly.


Do make sure that you get in touch with the caregiver of your child to go through the portfolios of your child if you like.


Please note that our parent meeting will be held in May 10 at 4:30 pm.  More info to follow.    


Your fee is due on the first day of the month.   We have extended grace period to 5th for your convenience.  A late fee of $ 25.00 will be charged if you pay after 5th of the month.  If you pay after 15th late fee charge will be $ 50.00

Statutory Holidays

Victoria Day:  Day care will be closed on Monday May 20 for Victoria Day holiday.

CANADA DAY: Day care will be closed on Monday July 1 for Canada Day holiday.

CIVIC HOLIDAY: Day care will be closed on Monday August 5 for Civic holiday.

LABOR DAY: Day care will be closed on Monday September 2 for Labor Day holiday.

Thank you for the privilege of partnership in building up and caring of your child. 


Please do make use of the Suggestion box to communicate with us about your concerns and suggestions.  We are happy to have your input in the program.

Thank you for your partnership in rearing up of your child at Honey Bear Day Care.

Have a wonderful summer!

Daisy Charles